There is a database of foreknowledge somewhere. I experienced this once, but I am puzzled about the purpose of such a revelation. I dreamt I was on my daily walk. When I got to a certain fence post I looked down to the right to find a hawk with broken wing. I went to pick it up and it hopped away. I swooped it up from behind and took it home to mend its wing. This dream left a deep impression on my mind all that day which I later recalled while on my daily walk. When I got to a certain fence post I remembered the dream and looked down to the right to find the hawk with broken wing. I went to pick it up and it hopped away. I swooped it up from behind and took it home to mend its wing, but the bird passed on by morning. So why the dream? I can usually receive a clear interpretation of significant dreams. But to this I can only suppose the experience was to assure me that the season of life I was approaching was foreknown.
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Surely everyone, at some time, has experienced perfect knowledge of something before all the facts were in. When you just 'know' with every fiber of your being.

We took a walk down the hill one evening to get some ice cream at the mini-mart. My mother, sister and neighbor friends wait for me outside as I made the purchase. I was compelled to turn and face directly the tall foreboding man in line behind me. His oblong face, small beady eyes, and square frame glasses were unforgettable. He smiled cheerfully. I had his complete attention yet he somehow avoided direct eye contact. I seemed to get a lot of attention from men then, lol, but this was different. I knew with every cell of my body that this man was a murderer. The souls of his victims and my ancestors must have screamed inside of me for expression. I remember looking wide eyed to the cashier with a strong urge to grab the phone, or insist that he "Get on the Phone! Call the police. This man 'is' a murderer". Those are the clear thoughts that rang out in my head, yet I hesitated. How could I explain this demand, and terrible accusation? Filled with dread I walked away promising myself that the young girls and I would not walk home until this man was out of site. When I walked out of the store the girls started home. In labored tone I said "Mom..", not knowing what to say. To my relief she said "I know... the man". Whew, she knew it too. We called the girls back and told them to wait. I leaned back against the brick wall near the store entrance. The man soon came out and noticed us as he got in the car directly in front of me. I took a deep breath and kept my chin level. It seemed like he wanted to talk to me. He leaned over his steering wheel staring and smiled invitingly. I finally looked him directly in the eye, slowly and deliberately shook my head in the negative, and steadily held his gaze. I felt supported by the unseen world. Suddenly his face just fell and turned red in anger! I wonder if he saw something. He whizzed out of the driveway and I did not move an inch until he was long gone over the horizon.

Only 3 months later I saw that unforgettable face in the paper. Russell White. He was responsible for the missing girls in my neighborhood and there about. Their bodies found in creeks and shallow graves. I have that news clipping today and expect to scan it into this post. Fortunately my mother had taught me to listen deeply.
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Years later, unrelated to the last story, when I was careing for an elderly woman I slept on a cot in her bedroom as she was approaching the end. On a cold winter night we fell asleep with the heater on and it became too warm. She had been bed ridden for months but in a vivid half wake state I saw her walk to my bedside. I felt her shake me awake to warn me about the heat. Her voice was weak but seemed to rattle the house as she cried “Hey! Hey!” Fully awake I knew she had gone and I timidly got up to check on her. Sure enough she had passed. frozen Her soul had done this to me once before while I was sleeping in her house. She seemed to glide down the hall to my room crying "hey!", her delicate voice shaking the walls. But I froze and could not get up to check on her. A heavy blanket of blackness and terror sat on my chest, paralyzing me and only my heart could cry out for deliverance. It seemed the priesthood came to my bedside in the form of Spencer W. Kimball (yoda man) and like a Jedi Knight he reliesed me. I gave thanks. company She also started having conversations with her deceased brother sitting at the foot of her bed just a few days before she died. She was so glad for his company and would invite me to join them. She was frustrated when I could not see him. "Why, he's right there!" she pointed. He must have come to take her home.
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Reading Beth’s account of spiritual phenomena I recall a similar experience with doorknobs. With only one of our residence on a hill overlooking the Carson Valley in Nevada. I wonder if it was a Piute burial ground once as there were indian mounds below. We had difficult times there and did not feel welcome. There were moments my imagination would spin out of control then strange things would happen. I was grown and no longer feared the dark so much but I sure did not like being alone in the back yard at night. Miles of desert hills and sage I loved to roam but not at night. One time I was sitting alone at the kitchen table when I started to feel like I was being watched. I heard the garage doorknob click and I feared someone was on the other side of the wall in the garage. I couldn't take my eyes off the doorknob and the sense intensified. Suddenly the doorknob clicked and turned. I jumped up and ran to the living room were the family was watching TV. I told them someone is in the garage. My brother jumped up and bust through the garage door but no one was there. I checked carefully for intruders.

Another time in that same place I stood gazing out the sliding glass doors. Once again my thoughts and gaze became intense. Suddenly there was a flash of light because the very glass door panel I was looking through shattered into a zillion bits and faccets right before my eyes. It did not fall and was quite pretty. O brother. How was I going to explain this to my folks. I somehow felt responsable.

My father is a tall man and is used to bumping his head into things. But whenever he would bump into a sphere shaped light fixture hanging in the hall he was stunned by his gut reaction and swore the globe was possessed. He discerned angry spirits there.
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note to self: grannies recorded experiences. We tend to forget or take these things for granted if we do not record them.


jle said...

Wow. Thank God for that sense of danger with the scary man. We, as "refined" modern day Americans, don't tend to give credence to those senses. i remember clearly a time when i pulled into a parking lot, glanced over to the guy next to me, and noticed he was engrossed in a porn magazine. i clearly knew the Holy Spirit was saying to me, "go talk to him." i argued for a while before i gave in. i walked around to his window, a church pamphlet in hand, and said, "excuse me, i see you like to read." We had an incredibly honest conversation about the bad turns his life had taken, and i gave him the names and numbers of some pastors at my church. i don't know know what happened after that, but the words were clear as day to me on a sensing level. Can't explain that either. If we trust that spiritual sense, we can hear much.

mckenzi said...

Yes, 'sensing' and listening can quicken our math and logic. The more we act it the more we hear. "I see you like to read" LOL. The man was reseptive. I am glad you took the time. Thank you for stopping in jle. Come back again! :)