a new day

a great day
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Dad said: "President Hinckley has been at the fore front of the Christian church even when other president were still alive but to sick to handle day to day work and I do love him and will miss him. But I am looking forward to see what the lord has in store for us in President Monson. My heart has been praying for the new President since 1968 when I moved to leadville Colorado and a few years before a young Elder Monson decided not to close the leadville branch but keep it going. I spent three years of my life in the top of the mountains. I know the Lord has met President Hinkley with open arms."


Holly said...

I was so excited to see Elder Uchtdorf chosen as the new counselor!! I thought the press conference went well too.

ShaBANG said...

I'm looking forward to the New Presidency.President Hinckley has left them in fine position by opening up the hearts and the minds of the world to be prepared for the Lord's Messages. There's an excitment in the air of being a member of the church at this time.

Jen said...

I'm really excited to get to know these men better through their service! I love Pres. Monson!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful words Gramps said. It makes my heart bake up in the mitst of the cold winter night... how nice.