This picture reminds me of the sunrise route I took to early morning seminary while attending the Carson Valley High School. From the Genoa road you could see the whole Carson Valley like a patchwork quilt of farm land, the straight ribbon of highway running through, the fantastic sunrise! As a young women I knew the meaning of life, I felt so alive and such gratitude. This is also the breathtaking view from our home atop a crest of hill just below the Sierra Mountains Job's Peak. Green valley and snow capped mountains. For a 'poor' man dad provided us some good living (Tahoe pines and mountain lake, the Palouse rolling green hills, blooming desert oasis that my mom created, Colorado Rockies, the Eifles of Germany, California coast, great road trips) This was practicly the scene from our home above Carson Valley only a little more southernly.

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That's really very pretty, ma. It must have been such a great area. I think someday I wanna go see it!

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