one hour

I would spend that hour with my great great grandmother, Mary K. Roberts, a pioneer child when she crossed the plains on foot. A colonizer as a young mother, she actually loved to be out on the trail because she could get out of cooking, doing dishes, and her children pretty much entertained themselves. She liked to wonder off by herself, sit in silence by a babbling brook and imagine that someone knew her thoughts. She kept a faithful diary in which she expressed her love and anxiety for her children and future generations. We would sit in silence for a while. Then I would listen, ask many questions and continue to record her story. Then I would talk and get the detailed feedback and validation I've been craving these past years. I would secure my identity with Mary K.


Jan said...

She sounds like someone I would like to spend an hour with also. Great idea and a wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly,Thank you so much for sending the photos.  They add a lot to my life, and bring back many plesent memories.  I have a different passport picture.  The one you have is nice too.  I've enjoyed visiting your blog spot.  You have a lot of fun stuff and information.  I love the peacocks. I've often painted white ones. They are hard to do, but are very beautiful. I have to go get something done for Sariah. So I have to go. I'll try to get a blog spot going soon. Love always and forever, Mom 

highland_J said...

I have tried several times to leave a post on this one. I was actually surprised when I saw one didn't exist for me. Anyway, I love the affection that is evidenced in this post. I’m sure as you contemplate such an hour that the Spirit of Elijah actually accommodates your desire for your spirit to commune with Mary K’s.


Anonymous said...

I remember when you first started researching this amazing woman, the stories you would tell us. Her legacy sustains her, and I'm proud that she's my ancestor.

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