winters gift

by Justice- Snow falls~ in a hushed silence~ that envelopes the senses.~ The stars glitter tonight,~ with the brilliance~ of a thousand diamonds.~ I am but a humble observer of all the majesty~ that nature has chosen~ to bestow upon me.~ I live for moments such as this.~ From the warmth~ of my window~ the scene outside~ is breathtakingly beautiful.~ And I file away the photograph~ that my mind has taken forever to treasure~ and enjoy it time and time again~ in the future, long after this~ vision has faded with the changing seasons.~ I turn and pause in the glow of the fireplace lit room,~ and I reach out with my heart~ and embrace this moment that has been given to me,~ to cherish and to keep.~ This peaceful winter's evening~ and it's soothing tranquility,~ belong to me.~ Long after winter has gone this memory will remain.~ Winter's gift and my photograph. ~copyright 2007 Justice Grey

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