make a book of positive aspects

MY BOOK OF POSITIVE ASPECTS: An exercise for creating a deliberate point of attraction. Buy a new book, label it ‘my book of positive aspects’. Dedicated to quickly bring me to a position of feeling good. I care about how I feel. Update old and new subjects. As one area of life draws me to my book things I esteem “good” flow into my experience. The balance will shift to predominately affirming emotion. Despite economy or environment I will find myself in a more positive balance. And by law, indeed Law of Attraction my own life must show the result of it.

This book will assist me in a process of focus looking for beauty. As I withdraw my attention from negative it will leave my experience. Upon each page start anew, what flows easily, do not work at it. Express until automatic writing stops flowing. Turn page and start anew. 15 minutes a day, early, is enough. Read last entry, add to it as thoughts come.

Notice how good you feel during and after process. If you find yourself feeling negative emotions about a person, start a new page of positive aspects for them. If you feel bad about not enough money, time, respect, increasing responsibility, start a page of possibilities. You will notice an immediate shift in emotion. Not only specific situations improve but these entries bleed over to experiences not yet identified in the book.

As you feel better you attract more that you esteem to be good. It is law. Try for a week, read previous entries and add to them. You may now begin to see this book as the treasure it really is. The book is key to your centered, balanced place of wellbeing. This book is key to deliberately positioning yourself in a place of positive attraction. While world critics predominate praise you have found a way to control how YOU feel. While many ‘react’ to worry, you ‘act’ on inspiration..joyful activity.

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