log cabin

My ideal home would be 1. A log cabin (12” logs) with picture windows and a view. I like the sound of rain on a tin roof. 2. I like the open concept ‘great room’ with high ceiling, where the kitchen, dining room, and family room with a fire place are all open to eachother. This way I can enjoy cooking without being isolated in my commercial kitchen with island. I don’t like too many walls and feeling boxed in. 3. I’d need a full basement. 4. The laundry room, sewing room, linen and bathroom all in one large unit. 5. Storage for kitchen, office supply, e-bay warehousing 6. A Library, music room, confrence room in one unit. A gymn/ play room, game room, pool table, large quilting center and T.V. room in one unit. 7. Husbands Den 8. Study room/ Scrappbooking center 9. Grandparents room/ Guest Room 10. Master Bedroom with pole 11. Boy’s Bedroom 12. Girls Bedroom 13. Fenced Yard with Outbuildings (long garage/ barn, Swing set – tree house, fort, yurt, T.P., Pool/ Jacuzzi, Grandparents/ Guest house – music studio) 14. The option of adding an additional room every 15 years for each new memeber of the harem. A house should serve women, not the other way around. I want time for myself to dance, read and write.


Shellmo said...

Great ideas for your ideal cabin! We just finished building ours - I should've thought of the jacuzzi....Darn! lol


Priscilla said...

Good for people to know.