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I was watching the movie 'Take the Lead' with Antonio Banderous about Latin Dance and the nature of leading and following. It makes me think of women and the priesthood. I like how the Spanish accentuate feminine and masculine and how it compliments each other. The instructor, Antonio, explained that in dance the woman follows, not like a wet noodle. Their is just enough resistance in dance so that you have a sense of each other and can become one on the dance floor. You council, collaberate and share accountability without blame. The man or leader, does not make demands but a simple request, an invitation. He asks her to join him on a journey, "Let's take a walk". "Come follow me". It is in the woman's power to *choose* by following. And we can choose *this day* whom we serve, what our focus and priorities are.
Women are born with the natural burden of the moral nurturing of society. Men are *called* to be accountable and help relieve women of the sole responsibility. I like that. Women are born natural empathizers and fail to be heard unless men are called upon to shut up and listen.
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June said: Truly excellent observation. In my humble opinion, sometimes to get our men's attention we have to use a very LARGE stick....a 2x4 works well! Please note: this is no defeciency of said female, just an unobservent male (no offense guys!) AFTER the "attention-getting" treatment, explain what you want, require, or need in short sentences...It helps!
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June, that is exactly what I have been looking for. Real and concise council for posterity: "Short sentences and a 2x4, after the attention getting treatment." Might work in bed too. Guess we have to take the bull by the horns. We'll have to redefine romance. I wish we had a role model.

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Yeah, those are the kinds of responsibilities that the leader should take. It's unfortunate to lump gender into different roles, but sometimes one is simply naturally better at one thing than the other - empathy for instance. This is the way people take the lead.