personal transitions 2006

2006 At-a-Glance
from country to townhouse *Beginnings: black *Endings: stark realities but fewer nightmares *Proudest moment: building bridges, taking charge of my idenitity in all of my interpersonal relationships *Accomplishments: more skilled with beans and whole wheat *Bonuses & Highpoints: after 16 years my man still loves me inspite of me *Biggest challenge: finding my voice. Low Points & Losses: time

slice of life
Most memorable world event:
have not watched the news in a year. Biggest Surprise:
Best Day:
every day Worst day:every day Theme Song or Soundtrack: Napolean Dynamite Most moving movie: Biggest purchase: scrapbook supplies

nephews preston, isaac. Deaths: dad, our friend Bill. Major Players in my Life: husband, children, father, mother-in-law, wally. New people: my good friends at OurStory.
Old friends/reconnections: estranged brothers and I are duking it out once more but with a little more class maybe

moving forward
My Vision for this coming year:
society, find my pace, dignity, living husband and father, sariah, send me a stair climber. It could happen!

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